Welcome to UNT Bridge

Launch Day: June 13, 2019

Job-Aids to use UNT Bridge


Navigating UNT Bridge

UNT Bridge is an online learning management system where you can take eLearning or register for in-person courses to learn information about your job or for professional growth. UNT Bridge, which is available to all employees, consists of essential education that helps employees learn skills to foster a safe and inclusive workplace.

Access your assigned training

  1. Go to: UNT Bridge.
  2. Log in with your valid UNT credentials: your EUID and password.
  3. Choose training listed under required.
  4. Before starting training, pop-up blockers must be disabled.
    a. How to disable pop-up blockers.
  5. Complete all required topics listed.

If you encounter problems, please contact us at AskTraining@unt.edu.

FAQs, How-Tos and an Overview

Employee Training

Compliance Training is required

  • When first hired—new training must be completed within 90 days of hire,
  • At least once a year—refresher/annual training,
  • When you have a change in job duties—only if new job duties or your department require additional training,
  • When a change in regulations has occurred or
  • As directed by your manager.

Other Employee Training

As other training becomes available, you may take training courses or your manager may assign it.

Training for UNT Vendors

Vendors doing business with UNT have 60 days to complete required training from the date it is assigned.


Role-Based Training

Departmental managers should contact the Office of Business Operations Training to assign additional training, such as training for working with minors or other required training.

To assign additional compliance training modules to employees and students, contact the UNT Business Operations Training Office at AskTraining@unt.edu.