Day Launched: June 13, 2019

Job-Aids to use UNT Bridge

UNT Bridge Author Course

Come learn how to create new eLearning courses using the UNT Bridge course builder. Participants will understand how to transform PowerPoints and other material into eLearning courses. They will also discover various software platforms that can be used to create engaging courses to upload into the UNT Bridge Learning Management System, LMS, and more. Optional: Bring your own device, B.Y.O.D.

2021 | Upcoming Author Course Dates | Click to Enroll

UNT Bridge Manager Course 

In this course, you will learn the following areas of UNT Bridge.                                           

  • Data and Analytics 
  • Navigating options
  • Building Courses / Publishing Courses Responsibilities 
  • Assigning Courses to their team
  • Confirming employees listed are your team members, resources to clean up data
  • Creating Smart Groups

2021 | Upcoming Manager Course Dates | Click to Enroll

Navigating UNT Bridge

UNT Bridge is an online learning management system through which you can take eLearning courses or register for in-person instruction to learn more information related to your job or for professional growth. UNT Bridge, which is available to all employees, consists of essential education that helps employees learn skills to foster a safe and inclusive workplace.