UNT Bridge FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The University of North Texas will transition to a new Learning Management System called UNT Bridge. This new platform is powered by Bridge by Instructure, a sister product to our Canvas curriculum management product. UNT Bridge is robust and easy-to-use and will replace Learning Portal, also known as MyLearning, within the next year.

Why UNT Bridge?

Adopting UNT Bridge offers

  • A central hub for compliance training
  • A modern and friendly user-interface for easy navigation
  • Utilization of LinkedIn Learning to enhance your coaching
  • Registration for live training events
  • Tracking completion status of your training
  • Tools to create custom training experience for Learners

Getting Started

Q. How do I access UNT Bridge?

To access the app, visit UNT Bridge and sign in using your EUID and password.

Q. Who may I speak with to get support on my UNT Bridge account?

Please contact the Business Operations Training support team by sending an email to AskTraining@unt.edu.

Q. Why am I unable to log into UNT Bridge? I receive a message that says ''Oh Snap! Sorry, something went wrong''

The reason you are receiving this message is because you are not in the UNT Bridge yet. If you are a new employee of UNT, you will be added to UNT Bridge two days after your ePar has been approved. For more information regarding the timing of your ePar, please reach out to your department.

UNT Bridge Features

Q. What resources are available for navigating UNT Bridge?

As a UNT learner, a course called Navigating UNT Bridge is available and has been assigned to you as an optional course to complete under My Learning (Home Page). This five-minute tutorial will show you features that are available to you as a learner. .

Q. Are we graded on these courses?

For some courses, you will be required to meet a certain percentage to pass a course or program. Courses with pre-determined passing scores will have a notification in the course introduction.

Q. Are there new courses?

Courses specific to compliance have been revamped through the purchase of new content from Everfi’s course Library. The Learning Library and LinkedIn Learning will always contain a series of courses that you may elect to take. Once you ‘join’ that course, it will appear in the "Added by you" section of your learning library. If you have not selected any elective courses, you will not see the “Added by you” header.

Q. Is the new UNT Bridge mobile friendly?

Yes. Access to UNT Bridge is available to all devices. Due to the nature of how some of the courses were developed, it is encouraged to use a desktop computer or laptop in order to have the best learning experience.

Q. Do I have to complete an entire course or program in one sitting, or will the system record my progress?

The system will record your progress—even if you’re in the middle of a course. When you go back in to continue the course you will be taken to point in the course where you left off. Therefore, Learners, don’t have to re-do any work they’ve already done.

Q. Can I review content even if I’ve already completed the course or program?

Yes, simply click on the course to review the content.

Q. Is the new LMS and the training within it ADA accessible?

Details regarding ADA accessibility for Bridge LMS can be viewed here: Bridge LMS Accessibility.

Details regarding ADA accessibility for Everfi training can be viewed here: EverFi Accessibility.

Q. Is UNT Bridge replacing Canvas?

No! UNT Bridge will be specifically used for compliance training requirements and professional development courses.

My Learning Page in UNT Bridge

Q. What does the “Required” section mean?

As courses are assigned to each Learner, the “Required” section contains the Programs and individual Course content that have been added to each Learner’s account for review.

As each of these modules is completed those courses or programs (groupings of courses) will move out of this section and moved into the “Completed” category below.

Q. What does the circle to the left of a program mean?

The circle will show you the different courses that are part of that program, so you have a visual of your progress. At any time during a course, you may leave, which will put a marker of filled segments for the portions of the program you have already completed.

Q. What is a program?

A program is a series of courses where each course must be taken in the order they are created.

Q. What is a course?

A course is an individual module of learning. UNT Bridge breaks up the learning opportunities into bite-sized pieces to accommodate a Learner’s busy schedule and her/his learning pace.

Q. Do courses within a program have to be taken in order?

It depends on how the program was created.  

Q. What does the check mark next to a course mean?

The check mark means the course has been completed.

Q. What does the ribbon/certificate symbol next to a course mean?

This symbol indicates that a course or program has a certificate and a completion pin that accompanies it.

Q. How can I access my certificate of completion? 

Certificate of completion can be accessed by simply clicking on the ''view certificate'' option below the course title. If you are still not able to see it, your dashboard view may need to be switched from ''Grid'' to ''List'' view.

Q. What does a paperclip icon to the right of a course mean?

This symbol indicates that there is an attachment associated with that course or program.

Q.  Why do some Learners have a “Required” section and I don’t?

It is possible that in a given period, you are not assigned a course or program to attend or you have already completed those programs or courses. Courses or programs that the office of Institutional Compliance adds that are required for completion will appear in the “Required” section.

Q. The courses and programs say, “Added by You.” Is that correct?

Yes, we want you to drive your own success by utilizing the Learning Library and LinkedIn Learning. Both tools provide more than 6,000 courses that you can take to impact your skill development and coaching.

Q. What is the “Optional” section?

These are the courses that each learner can choose to take from the Learning Library. You will see the Optional section appear only after you have selected elective courses from the Learning Library.

Q. Can I delete courses listed under the “Optional” section?

Yes, simply click on the X on the right-hand side of the course name. You will then be asked if you’d like to remove the course.

Q. Can I delete a program or course from the Learning Library after I’m in the course?

It depends on the course or program. For any course or program within the Learning Library, you may choose to delete once you are in it. Deleting a course will remove the course from the Optional section in My Learning.

You will not be able to remove or “Delete” a course or program that is listed under the Next Up section in My Learning.

My Profile Page

Q. How do I update my profile?

Simply click on the settings icon within the left navigation panel. There you can click edit and upload a picture or take a selfie.

Q. What does the color of my profile circle mean?

The color doesn’t mean anything in particular. The color for each name is chosen at random. The color can be changed when you either take a selfie or upload a picture.

Learning Library Page in UNT Bridge

Q. What is the Learning Library? How do I use it?

The Learning Library contains self-directed learning content that can assist you with improving a wide variety of skills. Content in the Learning Library does not have a due date. Certificates are granted after completing a learning item.

For Managers and UNT Bridge Administrators

Q. What reports can I run?

The Office of Institutional Compliance is working to make manager relationship features available soon. In the near future, Managers will be able to utilize a dashboard that will allow them to see their team’s progress on training within UNT Bridge. Managers will also have the option to send personalized announcements to employees using UNT Bridge. Until then, please send all requests for reports to AskTraining@unt.edu.

Q. Are there any auto-generated reports that will be sent out to me?

All managers will receive a biweekly completion report of anyone from their team that has completed a course. You will also see the course(s) that each person completed.

Q. As a manager, what is the process for assigning departmental training?

To assign department training, contact AskTraining@unt.edu and the team will process your request. In the near future, managers will be able to assign departmental trainings in UNT Bridge.