Merged UNT Bridge | UNT World Learning

Please Note: If you are merging into UNT Bridge, some of the links below will not be live for you until August 2nd, 2021.

Training is an important part of professional development and the ability for our organization to remain compliant with State and UNT policies. The Bridge learning management systems allow UNT World members to better distribute courses and keep track of training. With its success, UNT System, UNT, and UNT Dallas have merged their learning management systems under one Bridge portal.

In this merged portal, you will find a library with a large assortment of courses available to everyone. You will also be able to navigate to specific categories that allow you to choose “UNT System,” “UNT” or “UNT Dallas” for courses specific to your workplace.

This newly merged portal will also transfer your training history from UNT World Learning portal.

For those who use UNT HSC’s Bridge learning management system known as LearnHSC, you will continue to use that as normal. However, users for LearnHSC will only log in to one portal. They will no longer need to use multiple platforms to locate HR training. The LearnHSC Bridge will not merge into UNT Bridge platform.

See below for specific guidance on how to use this portal.