Below are some common problems and solutions learners may experience while trying to navigate UNT Bridge. 

Error screen showing "Oh snap! Sorry, something went wrong." 

This error appears most often when you don't have a Bridge account. Before accessing Bridge, ensure you have completed the first step of onboarding and that your supervisor has submitted your ePAR to Human Resources. Once HR has processed your information, you should be imported to Bridge and your account generated. This process usually takes about 2-3 days. 

Stuck in course/course won't load? 

Courses like FERPA, HIPAA, and Protecting Youth are launched in a separate window. If you get stuck in between modules, the first step should be clearing your cache and restarting your browser. We can experience syncing errors within these courses. To mitigate this, we recommend accessing Bridge while connected to UNT ethernet/wi-fi on a desktop, preferably through Google Chrome as we've seen the best optimization with this browser. 

Completed a LinkedIn Learning course but Bridge didn't mark completion? 

Sometimes completion of a LinkedIn Learning course fails to carry back over during the handshake with Bridge. You can relaunch the course and double check that you've marked the last completion button and take a screenshot of the completion screen. Clearing your cache before relaunching the course may help as well. If your completion is still uncoordinated, attach the final completion screen and forward it to Our team will be able to manually update completion. 

Employee who doesn’t report to you or is no longer with the University in your managers list? 

Bridge accounts are imported from HR records. Learner data such as department, job code, and manager are pulled from these records. If an employee who should not be on your list is present, there may be something on the HR side that is causing this. Employees who don’t report to you may be mislabeled. Employees who are no longer with your department may not be fully offboarded and terminated yet.