There are several different kinds of training that are offered through UNT Bridge. 

  1. Compliance Training  

    • Is assigned upon hiring/first days of employment.
    • Is required and has a due date. 
    • Must be refreshed/taken again at a predetermined frequency.

University of North Texas required compliance trainings (all employees)


Number of Days to Complete Training

Frequency of Renewal

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

30 days

Every year

Ethics and Standards of Conduct

60 days

Every year

FERPA Training

60 days

Every 2 years

Policies & Title IX: Preventing Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct & Retaliation

60 days

Every 2 years

  1. Job Role Training

    • Training required from department and/or your supervisor to meet job requirements.
    • Training can be assigned in Bridge as required OR your supervisor can give you a directive to enroll yourself in a training and complete it. (This would make the training appear as optional in Bridge but still required by your supervisor.)
  2. Optional Training

    • Self-selected.
    • You search the Bridge library for training and enroll yourself.
    • You complete the trainings at your own pace.

Training in Bridge is offered in two formats.

  1. eLearning Courses: eLearning courses are self-paced and completed on your own. Content is delivered in written and/or video format. All portions of an eLearning course must be completed before receiving credit.
  2. Live Trainings: Live Trainings are delivered to a group at a specified date and time. The session may be virtual, through Zoom, or in person at a specified location. The majority of a live training session must be attended to receive credit for the course.